How to resolve my citation

All parking citation and tows must be resolved, either by payment or fines or through the appeal process with ten (10) working days from the date the citation was issued. After the 10th day period, the right to appeal expires and all violation charges and/or expenses incurred become automatically due and payable. Any vehicle removed from Texas Southern University for violating parking rules and regulations will be stored in City of Houston impounds, which will result in fines and storage fees. The City of Houston tow line number is 713.308.8580.You will be notified (via phone or email) within ten (10) days of the date of appeal regarding the status of your appeal.

Citation For a bike with a Chocolate

Appeals must be filed in person at

West Side Garage, 3001 Blodgett St. Houston, TX   (713) 313-4434   8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.  Monday thru Friday

The following reasons negate an acceptable appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of University parking rules and regulations.
  • Inability to locate a legal parking space in the area or lot desired.
  • Overlooking or not seeing posted parking regulation signage.
  • Insufficient time to seek legal parking space(i.e. late for class or appointment)
  • No permit
  • Violation of state parking “law” (i.e. parked in fire zone).
  • Instructions by non-police personnel to park at a certain location.

If your reason for appeal is listed above, no appeal process will be granted.

  • Citations issued for unauthorized parking in parking lots (per academic year):
    1. First offense (Warning)
    2. 2nd offense (Warning)
    3. 3rd offense (Ticket)
    4. Subsequent offenses (Ticket & Tow)

Parking Rule and Regulations

Reasons for Citations

  1. Vehicle does not have the proper updated issued TSU permit.
  2. Vehicle parked in a non-parking area “yellow line area’s marked no parking or fire lanes.”
  3. Vehicle is observed running through gate arm without proper access into parking lot.
  4. Person or person’s observed holding gate arm open to let vehicle exit parking lots.
  5. Vehicle parked in H&PE Salleyport driveway pass 10 minute unloading time.
  6. Vehicle parked blocking any Handicap ramps and or pedestrian sidewalks.
  7. Vehicle parked in Handicap accessible parking space without the proper TSU Disabled permit hanging in rear view mirror or a DV “Disable Veteran” license plate.

Reasons for Tows

  1. Vehicle parked in a reserved space without the proper permit “owner of reserved space requests a vehicle removed ”
  2. Vehicle parked in Handicap accessible parking space with no DV “Disable Veteran” plate nor TSU issued disabled permit
  3. Vehicle parked at any entrance of parking lot and left unattended preventing other vehicles to access parking lot
  4. Vehicle parked in front of Tigerwalk entrance next to Technology Building by the concrete barriers “This is a non-parking area unless authorize by Parking Supervisor”
  5. Vehicle left unattended and parked in the HP&E Salleyport Driveway “Any vehicle that is parked passed 10 minute unloading period”
  6. Vehicle parked beside the Student Center in front of Linear West Housing Building
  7. Vehicle parked behind Student Center “Unless authorized by Parking Supervisor”
  8. Vehicle parked in any parking lot without the proper permit to access lot
  9. Vehicle is observed running through gate arm without proper access into parking lot
  10. Vehicle parked blocking any Handicap ramps and or pedestrian sidewalks
  11. Vehicle parked in a non-parking area or fire lanes “yellow line area’s marked no parking”