Student Parking

Vehicle registration must be completed within the first ten (10) days of the start of each semester. Entry gates at all student parking lots and garages will be placed in the open position during these first 10 days, allowing students ample time to obtain their parking permit for the current semester. After the first 10 days all entry gates will be placed in the closed position. Students who have not obtained their parking permit will be denied access to all campus parking facilities until which time the parking permit and access card are obtained.

If a vehicle is acquired after initial registration it must be registered before it can be operated or parked on campus.

How to Obtain Parking Permit Decal & Access Card

West Side Garage   (713) 313-4434   8:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.  Monday thru Friday

Student parking fees must be paid or a financial deferment granted in order for a student to be issued a parking permit decal.  A student must then take their receipt to room 107 of the parking office located on the first floor of the West Parking Garage to pick up the parking decal.

In order to obtain your TSU parking decal,

Go to the MyTSU Web and access “Parking Permit Tab” for the vehicle registration form

Apply Parking Permit and print out the application

Go to West garage with following items:

  • Paid Receipt from Bursar’s Office or Paid Online Receipt
  • Proof of Vehicle Insurance
  • Valid Driver’s License and Current TSU Student ID
  • Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Printed Parking Application
  • New Students must complete the Parking Access Agreement Form

Decal Fees

ALL STUDENTS Permits $40.00 per semester

Residential Life Students residing in UAV, Tierwester Oaks and University Courtyard may obtain an additional permit allowing parking access to all Campus Student Lots at an additional cost of $40.00.

Note: Any student requiring a Handicap TSU permit must show Handicap Placard and Driver’s License. Vehicles registration is required for DV plates.

Students with more than one vehicle can purchase a 2nd vehicle decal for $20.00

Replacement Decals $10.00 (Lost, stolen, damaged or change of vehicles)

access card

  • Student access cards are programmed to access student parking lots only. Including both East and West Garages.
  • Cards are non-transferable.
  • Cards will deactivate at the end of the semester and reactivated only after purchase of a parking permit for the subsequent semester.
  • Each entry with the access card must be followed by an exit with the access card. An attempt to allow someone else to enter using your card after you have entered will result in access being denied. This is recorded as an anti-pass back violation.
    Anti-pass back violations are subject to fines and/or revocation of campus parking privileges.
  • Access cards must be returned at the end of tenure at TSU and upon student graduation.