What Works For You?


If You See Something, Say Something


Keep your campus safe. Once call can make a difference.

If you have information about an activity that shouldn’t be on our campus, tell us what you know, NOT who you are!

Call the TSUDP “Tip Line” , 713-313-7TIP(7847) and leave a voice message (VM).  TSUDP will take the appropriate actions. Help us protect you.

Tiger Tram

Route & Schedule

Trams will traverse the Tiger Walk from the West Parking Garage to the front of the Barbara Jordan Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs.

Operating Hours:

 Monday ~ Friday 8:00AM ~12:00PM / 1:00PM ~ 5:00PM

Trams will be out of service between Noon and 1:00PM for maintenance services and charging.

Please show TSU ID upon boarding

Tram operating hours may be interrupted due to major maintenance service requirements or repairs due to mechanical malfunctions.

Stay tuned to our TSUDPS Facebook page for these out of service announcements. Like and follow us on Twitter @TSUDPS and Instagram@TXSUDPS.

T S U P D Escort Vehicle

We Escort you

You know how to ask “Escort Service.” It is quite simple.

Call 7000 or 7001 and let us know when you are in the building after hours. We can check by on you and escort you out when you’re ready to leave.

A man touching the screen for recognition is represented as fingerprint

What needs to use

There is a $10 charge to cover our expense. The person requesting fingerprints should contact Criminal Investigations.

How to make an appointment

 (713) 313-7001 (Mon. ~ Fri. 8:00AM ~ 5:00PM)

TSU Police Department, Criminal Investigations Division 3100  Cleburne Houston, TX, 77004

Lunch and Learn written on board with apples in-front of it

If you want a session related to the safety for the department. We will come to your department and present on topics regard to your safety on and off the campus of TSU. We would discuss Crime prevention, Campus Carry, Workspace Safety and so on.

Please call TSUDP, 7000 or 7001 to request the safety meeting and tell us any specific topic if you want to deal with.